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Co-Mac Warehouse Build - Week 7

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Continued progress as we conclude week 7 of the Co-Mac Warehouse Build. Learn about what's happened this week...

Progress Summary

Monday (22/11/21)

- Dug trench through middle for the electrical pipe.

- Changed the downpipe position on North side.

- Progress on the south side internal boxing.

- HVAC water welded up and ready for pressure testing. (Temp sensors wired up)

Tuesday (23/11/21)

- Bolts for structure in concrete turned up.

- South side inside shutters in place.

- Electrical cable to other side of building via duct for temporary supply.

- Main electrical supply ducts started.

- Setting up bolt positions.

Wednesday (24/11/21)

- Electric ducts done in foundation.

- South shutters finished.

- Bolts mounted in ply plates.

- Ready for fitting to boxing.

Thursday (25/11/21)

- Reinforcing on North side and West side.

- Ground duct finished for HVAC.

- Takes 1700 litres full. Tested to 2 Bar.

Friday (26/11/21)

- Ground ducts filled in.

- Reinforcing done on South side and West side.

- Starting to mount hold down bolts for the portals.


Arthur Brown Construction -

BTW Company -

Custom Construction -

Drillco -

Taranaki Civil Construction -

Weather Review

We had minimal hold ups, thanks to another great week of good weather.

Great buildings come from great people, and all challenges are solved by the execution of a good plan.

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