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Co-Mac Warehouse Build - Week 6

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

We had Co-Mac boy visit the site this week! Tuesday was cut short with rain, the old sewer pipe was found and a lot more progress was made on the building.

Progress Summary


- Found the old sewer line.

- West side internal boxing started. (1/2 way done)


- West side internal shutters installed.

- Raining.


- 1/4 north shutters installed.

- West side shutters done.

- Water gas pipes in footing outside south shutters. (80% in place)


- South side shutters in.

- HVAC waterpipes ready to go in.


- Northside shutters started and post tensioned.

- Floor cut out in place outside south shutters.


Arthur Brown Construction -

BTW Company -

Custom Construction -

Drillco -

Taranaki Civil Construction -

Weather Review

Weekly Project Rating

Weekly Grade: 9/10

Had a few minor weather challenges but it was another week of good progress, on track with the plan.

Great buildings come from great people, and all challenges are solved by the execution of a good plan.

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