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Co-Mac Warehouse Build - Week 5

Shutters in, concrete prep and more portal foundations laid. Another week complete on site.

Progress Summary


- Shutters in on north west side.

- Drillco finished the corner welding.

- North end portal foundations poured.


- Waihi Road foundation pads ready for concrete.

- South main pads poured.

- Working on west side shutter.


- East side pads foundation complete.

- West side shutters progress. (Not straightened)


- West side shutters straightened and finished.


- South side shutters started and 1/4 away along.


Arthur Brown Construction -

BTW Company -

Custom Construction -

Drillco -

Taranaki Civil Construction -

Weather Review

Weekly Project Rating

Weekly Grade: 10/10

Another week of good progress, on track with the plan.

Great buildings come from great people, and all challenges are solved by the execution of a good plan.
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