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Co-Mac Warehouse Build - Week 23

Continued progress as we conclude week 23 of the Co-Mac Warehouse Build. Learn about what happened this week...

Progress Summary

Monday (21/3/22)

- Doing grid 7 - 6, one end done both sides on the ground.

Tuesday (22/3/22)

- More work done on pads and office footings.

- Both sides of 7 - 6 on ground ready to lift.

Wednesday (23/3/22)

- 7 - 6 lifted up on the outsides.

- Working on the floor.

Thursday (24/3/22)

- Purlins going up & bracing.

- Doing the foundation and footings on the floor.

Friday (25/3/22)

- Pouring concrete on the foundation and pads and footings on the floor.

- Working on bracing and end beam on roof line.


Arthur Brown Construction -

BTW Company -

Custom Construction -

Drillco -

Taranaki Civil Construction -

Weather Review

Great buildings come from great people, and all challenges are solved by the execution of a good plan.

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