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Lean Construction

The Goal

An enjoyable continuous improvement project to work on that uses Lean Construction ideas and completes the scope under the budget and before time.

Why are we doing this?

  • Increases profit

  • Decreases stress.

  • Develops our people's learning.

  • Continuously improves our businesses without effort.

  • Builds community collaboration.

Lean Construction Ideas / Principles

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Last Planner

  • 5 Whys

  • Identifying 8 Wastes

  • Flow

Learning Program. This will be implemented as fast as the group can go.

  1. Develop a Continuous Improvement Culture. .... An idea? Give it a go. It does not work. Change it.

  2. Establish a Lean Construction Group. ... Who knows about Lean Construction in Taranaki and can they assist? Action. Ask everyone we know if they have heard of Lean Construction.

  3. What knowledge do people have? .. Who knows what? So we do not talk above people's heads. Action. Do a Smartsheet survey of the Warehouse Team.

  4. Current state of planning. ...   How is our planning going now?  Action Put in Smartsheet survey and Grade it.

  5. Last Planner Training. ...  Train in Last Planner ideas. Action. Depending on the results of the survey. Get them to watch some videos. Step 1 and Step 2.

  6. Develop Last Planner. ... Make a start with Milestones Planning.   Action. Do the Milestone planning on a Zoom link online. 

  7. 6 Week Planning  ...  Complete a 6 week plan. Action. The Event. Last Planner Training and Last Planner 6 week program completed. 1/2 day? Hire a big room unless someone has one.

  8. Set up a Daily Management System... Huddles and feedback. Action.  Zoom Training

  9. 5 Whys  Action. For the rest of the training. Zoom Training and Video once per week with feedback on how it is going with implementation. Use Training Number 1.

  10. 8 Wastes Identify... Scrap, Idle Time, Defects in Products / Rework, Unnecessary movement of people, goods, processing, workers waiting on work, 

  11. Flow .. Task based Kanban .. Hand offs .. 

  12. Near miss focus.

  13. How do you make it Flow? 

  14. Other bits.....

Training Videos.

These videos set out the main points we will be following. 


Step 1  Set Up

Step 2  Six Week Look Ahead

Step 3  Weekly Work Plan

Step 4  Daily Huddle

Step 5  Basic comments from the people doing the work.


An overview of the how the Last Planner works. A bit more in depth. Speed 2x.


General Learning Videos.   Start at 40 min in . The real reasons why. Glenn Ballard is the guy that designed Last Planner

Construction is like a Toyota Production Line . If any element stops it costs all the people up the line a lot of money. There is massive waste.   Planning is wasted. HR planning is wasted. Cash flow planning is disrupted. Decreasing profit for everyone.  Clearest Lean Method Training  Last Planner System explained.  Overall Construction Lean system explained.   Hoar Construction


Training   Look at waste walk 1 and 2. 🙂   Interest only?  Interest only?

Discussion Points. Questions and Answers.

  1. A Lean Construction definition.  Give the customer a unique product. Deliver the product quickly with no waste.  What do you think?

  2. How do you do Lean Design before you start the build?

  3. How do you insert kanban into a project.

  4. How can everyone / anyone "pull the cord".

  5. Why is called Last Planner? Because the person doing the work is doing the planning / hand off / coordination with the other trades. not the boss in the office. The last guy in the line. Pull not push. Activity and results are determined by the front line person who is impowered to make decisions. Activities are initiated by the needs of the downstream process. Performance is how well the project flows and how well waste is eliminated. The crew physically working on the project runs it and does it when they say they have told the next trade they will have it done.

  6. To reduce waste, can we say there is no rubbish bin on site and take your own waste home each day. Have rubbish bags with you. 

  7. Can it be done like delivering concrete. All concrete truck turns up with materials / concrete and drops the concrete off exactly where it should be and he goes away and the work is done and finished off. The next concrete truck turns up....

  8. Use a time lapse camera to check for waste.

Running a Last Planner Session.

  1. Questions. What is it that you need to have completed in order for your work to begin? And they agree with the next trade on what they will deliver and how long it will take. They put it on a sticky note on the wall with their name on it. 

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