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Learning Program. This will be implemented as fast as the group can go.

The basic concept is that if you know how to do something, show others.


  1. Develop a Continuous Improvement Culture. .... An idea? Give it a go. It does not work. Change it.  ​

  2. Establish a Lean Construction Group. ... Who knows about Lean Construction in Taranaki and can they assist? Action. Ask everyone we know if they have heard of Lean Construction.  Do 21.2.22

  3. What knowledge do people have? .. Who knows what? So we do not talk above people's heads. Action. Do a Smartsheet survey of the Warehouse Team. Do 22.2.22

  4. Current state of planning. ...   How is our planning going now?  Action Put in Smartsheet survey and Grade it.  Do 22.2.22

  5. Last Planner Training. ...  Train in Last Planner ideas. Action. Depending on the results of the survey. Get them to watch some videos to get the idea. Do 24.2.22

  6. Develop Last Planner. ... Make a start with Milestones Planning. Action. Do the Milestone planning on a Zoom link online. Do 29.2.22

  7. 6 Week Planning  ...  Complete a 6 week plan. Action. The Event. Last Planner Training and Last Planner 6 week program completed. 1/2 day? Hire a big room unless someone has one. Know of any rooms or do we. Use the Normandby Hall?         Can we get the key to the TCC smoko room?   Do 3.2.22

  8. Set up a Daily Management System... Huddles and feedback. Action.  Via Zoom Training.   Do 4.2.22                                               

  9. 5 Whys  Action. For the rest of the training. Zoom Training and Video once per week with feedback on how it is going with implementation. Use Training Number 1.

  10. 8 Wastes Identify... Scrap, Idle Time, Defects in Products / Rework, Unnecessary movement of people, goods, processing, workers waiting on work, 

  11. Flow .. Task based Kanban .. Hand offs .. 

  12. Near miss focus.

  13. How do you make it so  

  14. Other bits.....

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