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This page is for ideas and suggestions to improve the project goal of
An enjoyable project to work on that completes the scope under budget and before time.

Ideas and suggestions so we are continuously improving each day.

* Easier communication across stakeholders. How?
* What is the best communication tool?
* The contractor responsible for the job sorts the job out. They do not make excuses or lay blame on someone else. Your job, you sort it.
* A late final date can be attributed to an early late date and penalties allocated to that early late date. (This can be at the start of the project)
* Where one task is holding up another task on a critical path so a that another contractor is negatively affected, the crisis team gets involved. The crisis team are there to help but can charge $500 hr if they feel the situation needs it to assist compliance.
Letter example

Hello Bruce,


Can you please go to  and scroll down to the BTW graph. The idea is for the partners on this project to be able to use this as a positive marketing tool.

Russell is going to deliver the foundation drawings on Monday ( which is great) and then we will have a line on the BTW chart that goes up as the Custom Construction line does. 🙂  We want the same for BTW.




This part of the project is on the critical path and it is going to hold up other partners if the due date is not met , so the process works like this.


In the very unlikely event that delivery is not made on the due date the line on the BTW graph will go down and if not delivered the next day (as it is one day over the due date) we start implementing the chart on the Hints / Resources page.  We will have a discussion on how we can help get the graph pointing in the right direction.




The goal of this build is  ..To have an enjoyable project to work on that completes the scope under budget and before time. We can only achieve this is everyone is held to their due dates.


Thanks for your great work to date, looking forward to assisting in any way we can to keep the project moving forward and the graph moving up 🙂

Kind Regards,

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Grading System

10   All in front of plan and projection is great.🙂

9   In front of plan but projection is steady

8   In front of plan. but projection is not good.

7  On Plan and looking like catching up.

6  On plan and just holding in.

5   On Plan but looks like it is going back

4   Slightly lower than plan.

3   Looking as though it is out of control.

2   Almost behind with no hope of catching.

1    Behind with no hope of catching up

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